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Dinotopia Budget

>From Cinescape (  http://www.cinescape.com/core.html  )
for 6/1/00

ABC's mini-series adaptation of Dinotopia looks to be the
most expensive made for TV movie of all time. With a budget
that hovers around $70 million, the six-hour show is being
produced by Robert Halmi, Jr., who recently produced
Gulliver's Travels, The 10th Kingdom, and Arabian

The miniseries will be based on a series of best-selling
books by upstate New York-based illustrator James Gurney,
who created the make-believe world in 1992. In the stories, a
lost" continent is discovered by a biologist named Arthur
Denison and his 12-year-old son in the year 1862. In this
world dinosaurs mix freely with people and everyone lives in
exotic cities (one is built in middle of a series of waterfalls).
The machines they use are fantastical 19th century gadgets
that were never invented in real-life.