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PALEONEWS: beautiful paleontologist goes to China

This is a CNN custom news article.
CNN has changed formats so I can not give you the URL.
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U.S. Dinosaur Man: WORLD'S most Beautiful Scientist

BEIJING (June 2) XINHUA - One of the 50 most beautiful people of the
century is now in Beijing. 

Neither a Hollywood superstar nor a famous footballer, Paul Sereno was
selected by "People" magazine in 1997 as one of the top 50 beautiful

The 42-year-old paleontology professor at University of Chicago is
attending the Fifth International Meeting of the Society of Avian
Paleontology and Evolution and the Symposium on Jehol Biota in Beijing. 

As one of the most active dinosaur expert in the world, Sereno gave a
keynote speech at the ongoing high-profile meeting, supporting the
hypothesis that modern birds originated from the extinct Mesozoic

"When the magazine sent an intelligent journalist to interview me, I
thought it was a good idea to let Americans know that scientists were
also human beings," said Sereno, who claims he cares little about the
honorary title granted by the magazine. 

"People will always think that scientists are old and never attractive,"
he said. "They are only men and women." 

"It's good to show we are normal people, too," said the scientist, who
has never labeled himself a fashionable man. 

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