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PALEONEWS: less attractive paleontologists also go to China

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Scholars Attend INT'L Bird Meeting 

BEIJING (June 2) XINHUA - Some of the world's leading authorities on
dinosaurs and birds are attending the Fifth International Meeting of the
Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution and the Symposium on Jehol
Biota in Beijing. 

The latest finds of vertebrate fossils in western Liaoning Province in
northeast China, and Chinese paleontologists' academic achievements have
made China one of the world's centers for the study of the origin of

Among the famous experts in Beijing, Alan Feduccia, dean of biology at
the University of North Carolina, delivered several talks opposing the
hypothesis of a dinosaur-bird relationship. 

The well-known professor has published The Age of Birds, and The Origin
and Evolution of Birds, two influential books in the field. 

As an active dinosaur expert in recent years, Paul Sereno, a
paleontology professor at the University of Chicago, brought to the
meeting new evidences supporting a lineal link between dinosaurs and

Sereno has collaborated several times with Chinese scholars in the study
of the fossilized creatures found in Liaoning. 
Other important experts participating in the meeting include Walter
Bock, Storrs Olson, Ken Campbell, and Cecile Mourer- Chauvier, all key
organizers for the previous international bird meetings. 

Participants at the four-day Beijing meeting are discussing the
relationship between dinosaurs and birds, the nature of the " feather"
or "fiber-like" filaments in Sinosauropteryx, and the relationship
between the origin of birds and the origin of flight. 


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