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PALEONEWS:Chinese Avian Paleontologists

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Chinese Avian Paleontologists 

by Xinhua Writers Zhu Qi and Yu Zheng 

BEIJING (June 3) XINHUA - Avian Paleontologist Zhou Zhonghe today
received a gift from one of his American colleagues -- a blue Indian
token of "Dream Catch". 

Indian legends say that the feathered ornament will help its owner to
catch all his dreams. 

As China's first curator of bird fossil, Zhou is trying to unravel the
mysteries of the relationship between dinosaursand birds and the origin
of flight. 

The 35-year-old scientist has also been named as one of China's 100 most
outstanding academic leaders in the 21st century chosen by the Chinese
Academy of Sciences (CAS), the state's top scientific research organ. 

Together with colleagues at the CAS Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology
and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Zhou found a huge reserve of Mesozoic bird
fossils in 1990 near Chaoyang, northeast Liaoning Province. 

Zhou's discovery of fossilized creatures and missing links in the
evolution of birds has been highly praised by his colleagues. 

Since then, the young scientist has combined his own dream with the
research of primitive birds. 

During his studies at the University of Kansas in the United States,
Zhou shared differences of opinion with his teacher regarding the
relationship between dinosaurs and birds. "I don't like any personal
attack, but neither do I like agreeing on opinions without solid
scientific evidence," he said. 

Zhou spends at least three months a year on fieldwork in the surrounding
areas of Jehol Biota in Liaoning province. 

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