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PALEONEWS: Chinese Scientists Lead Paleontological Study

This is a CNN custom news article.
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The piece on Chinese Paleontologists seems to be part of the same story
though it's been edited on teh website as separate articles

Chinese Scientists Lead Paleontological Study 

Constant volcanic eruptions some 100 million years ago resulted in the
fossils remaining in good condition. 

Scientists could also obtain fossilized skin structures and other soft
tissues which are extremely valuable for estimating physiological
behavior of creatures and the environment, Wang said. 

Jehol Biota has been listed as a key state project with an investment of
nearly 20 million yuan (2.4 million U.S. dollars). 

"We divided the whole project into eight subjects to thoroughly study
the origins, dissemination, extinction of this primitive creatures,"
said Wang. 

The articles concerning Jehol Biota occupied one third of 32 papers on
basic natural studies published by the CAS in 1999. 

Neighboring areas of Jehol Biota have attracted fossil smugglers from
around the globe. Many Mesozoic fossils have been smuggled out of the

Chinese scientists have called on all major organizations in the world
to ban any trading of fossil and protect limited resources. 

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