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PALEONEWS: SAPE Selected First Council

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Sape Selected First Council 

BEIJING (June 3) XINHUA - The Society of Avian Paleontology and
Evolution (SAPE) selected its first executive council here today. 

Dr. Zhou Zhonghe, research professor of the Institute of Vertebrate
Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) under the Chinese Academy of
Sciences (CAS) was selected as member-at-large of the council. 

The SAPE was established in 1984 when the first meeting was held in
Paris. As the most elite society in the field, SAPE members include all
influential avian paleontologists from around the globe. 

Cecile Mourer-Chauvire from France was selected as secretary- general of
SAPE in 1984. She was responsible for examining members' qualification
and contacting members. 

Except for the secretary-general, the organization of SAPE has not been
very clearly defined. The selection of the first executive council is
thus among the some of the urgent tasks to be addressed at the fifth
meeting here hosted by IVPP. 

Kenneth Campbell from the United States has been chosen as president of
SAPE council. Vice president, secretary-general, and members-at-large
from different continents have also been selected. 

Over 100 paleontologists and paleongeologists are here discussing the
origins of birds, and fossils found in Jehol Biota. 

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