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Californian Hadrosaur

I was recently looking in an old David Noman book (1998, The Prehistoric
World of the Dinosaur and on the top of the page 132 is a picture of a
'Prosaurolophus' from the AMNH (I checked the figure references at the back
of the book). This is wrong, it is from the LACM and is the skull of the
Californian (Moreno Formation, Fresno County, California) hadrosaur that
Bill Morris figured in the 80's.

Genus: Nova

LACM 2852

Locality: Tumey Hills, Panoche Hills, California.

Horizon: Rosario Group of the Moreno Formation, Maestrichtian, Late

Material: Right dentary without post-coronoid section or teeth, teeth, right
predentary, right  premaxilla, right maxilla, right jugal, right quadrate,
left squasmosal, right quadratojugal, right portion of postorbital and
frontal (?), right scapula missing anteroventarly portion, right and left
coracoid missing dorsal borders, left humerus missing both ends, distal foot
of ischium.
Its nice to see the skull (which needs work), but it would have been nicer
if it was written up right.