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Re: Cryolophosaurus restoration

Warning, Warning!

  My skull reconstruction is not authoritative, and
should not be used that way. Only recently have I been
able to examine a cast of the skull first hand, and
this was, to paraphrase a friend, not exactly the best
cast in the world. Photos are the basis of my
restoration, though I've love to see the thing in
person, and the snout and dentary are not present.
There's some interesting features not described that
should ooh and aah some of you, and I can't wait ...

  On the other manus, the postcranial material to date
has not been figured or published as far as I know,
and Hammer and Hickerson (1994, 1999) and Hammer
(1997) are the only published descriptions of the
material, and this does not suggest what the complete
material is, probably because Hammer and Hickerson
(1994, 1999) are not sure the material belongs to
*Cryolophosaurus* (the holotype is the skull, with the
rest associated, but with teeth of more than one
theropod present, so ... caution is the better part of valor).

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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