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Re: Cryolophosaurus restoration

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000 08:22:58   
 DinoData wrote:
>The article: Antarctica's Dinosaur Maven -A portarit of William Hammer By
>Steve Brusatte in Paleozoica on DinoData http://www.dinodata.net/ has
>photo's of the original and a beautifull illustration of Todd Marshall.

I knew you'd get this one out there, Fred.

In regards to the postcranial material of Cryolophosaurus ellioti.  I have had 
the great fortune of being able to view and handle the original C. ellioti 
skull and bones personally (last April).  Many of my photos are at 
http://www.dinodata.net as Fred said.  A bunch more are at 
http://www.geocities.com/stegob/augustana.html  That page isn't OFFICIALLY up 
at my site yet (as three non-Cryolophosaurus pages haven't been finished yet), 
but all of the Cryolo photos are done with.  I have the skull, the crest, some 
teeth and vertebrae, the femur, the lower jaw, some hip bones, and some bones 
of associated reptiles and Antarctic ferns.

In his 1994 and 1997 (and 1999, I believe) papers, Hammer stated that the some 
of the postcranial material may not belong to Cryolophosaurus.  As of today, he 
is basically saying that most of it (femur, vertebrae, ribs, hip bones) DOES 
belong to C. ellioti, but is leaving in the possibility of another Antarctic 

During my visit and my interview with Dr. Hammer, he treated those postcranial 
elements as those of C. ellioti, and had them cast by a fossil reproduction 
company into a complete mounted skeleton.  In fact, these mounts were just 
recently completed.  One is going off to New Zealand for a tour, and the other 
was just delivered to Hammer's lab at Augustana College.  It may be mounted 
there within the next few years, if they find room for it. 

I have seen photos of this mount, and it is about 22-24 feet long, and the 
vertebrae, femus, and ribs that Hammer once wrote "may belong to C. ellioti" 
are included.  In other words, yeah, most of the postcranial elements that 
Jaime was talking about are likely those of C. ellioti.  Sorry about the 
repetition :-)

In terms of other good reconstructions online, yeah, go to the Dinosauricon, 
Morgan's page, Dino Data, my site above, the site that Jordan Mallon mentioned, 
and Dan Bensen's Opus Dinosaur.  I think all of those links have already been 
mentioned.  Hammer's Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs article is also online, along 
with the photos Jordan mentioned.


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