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Re: Cryolophosaurus restoration

Steve Brusatte wrote:

In his 1994 and 1997 (and 1999, I believe) papers, Hammer stated that the some of the postcranial material may not belong to Cryolophosaurus. As of today, he is basically saying that most of it (femur, vertebrae, ribs, hip bones) DOES belong to C. ellioti, but is leaving in the possibility of another Antarctic carnivore.

In the original 1994 description, the authors (Hammer and Hickerson) do say "it is possible these [postcranial] elements may not go with the skull, but are clearly theropod and are the right size." The femur and tibiotarsus (which appears to be fused) are very ceratosaur-like, but the hip bones are more in keeping with the tetanurine (especially allosauroid) affinities suggested by the skull.


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