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Re: Cryolophosaurus restoration

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Betty Cunningham wrote:
> there was a early cryolophus restoration by Wm Stout that wqas published
> on the cover of a(now extinct) Dinosaur Society newsletter.  I think he
> may have even put it in with one of his Antartica portfolios.....for
> what it's worth.  Wm. Stout has seen the fossil in person as well.
> The crest thing is depicted like a spanish comb going ACROSS the head,
> rather than along it.  Odd animal.

I remember when this was in the news, it got called the Elvis Dinosaur.

What strikes me now about that crest is how it seems like it could act
as a base for something fleshy - I can picture a pouch in front of it.

Just a wild speculation.