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Re: Cryolophosaurus restoration

On Mon, 05 Jun 2000 09:44:59  
 Betty Cunningham wrote:
>there was a early cryolophus restoration by Wm Stout that wqas published
>on the cover of a(now extinct) Dinosaur Society newsletter.  I think he
>may have even put it in with one of his Antartica portfolios.....for
>what it's worth.  Wm. Stout has seen the fossil in person as well.
>The crest thing is depicted like a spanish comb going ACROSS the head,
>rather than along it.  Odd animal.

Yeah, William Stout did two very nice restorations, which I believe are online 
somewhere.  I just don't know where.  In fact, Hammer and Stout were, and still 
may be, thinking about doing a book on Cryolophosaurus...

In regards to the crest, it does go across the head.  Judging from the 1994 
paper, it runs approximately perpendicular to the length of the skull and 
curves anteriorly as it rises.  There also seems to be "small vertical 
projections along the dorsal surface" and even an orbital horn fused to each 
side of the crest.

Yes, much like Elvis' hair.  In fact, before the official scientific 
description of C. ellioti, a popular book (can't remember the name) referred to 
it as "Elvisaurus."  If you look in the Dinosauricon or Dino Data databases, 
Elvisaurus is listed as a junior synonym of Cryolophosaurus!  Thankfully, 
Hammer decided not to name it after Elvis!

For an upclose photo of the crest that I took, go to 

And, for some photos of the entire skull, go to 


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