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Which is Cosesaurus?

  Question: Is Cosesaurus a prolacertiform or an ornithodiran archosaur?
  Sereno (1991), who places pterosaurs in Ornithodira, does not even mention Cosesaurus, so I assume he regarded it as prolacertiform. I am wondering if Sereno (or any others who regard pterosaurs as ornithodirans) have responded to the more recent theory that pterosaurs are prolacertiforms (Cosesaurus being an intermediate between earlier prolacertiforms and pterosaurs).
     Is there anything in Cosesaurus that would preclude it from being regarded as closer to ornithodirans than to prolacertiforms? And if so, could all the similarities between pterosaurs and Cosesaurus be a bunch of convergences?
                    -------Ken Kinman
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