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DOES ANYONE KNOW...???... plus a bit of HUMOR (?)

    Quite seriously, CAN ANYONE TELL ME RELIABLY (preferably with references)?:
    (1) Has any seemingly HATCHLING (not 'junior sized' but just-after-hatching size) articulated dinosaur fossil ever been scientifically described that was recovered from EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER in the U.S.A.?
    (2) Has any articulated seemingly HATCHLING Nodosaur -- or, even more broadly, any hatchling Ankylosaurian -- ever been documented (preferably scientifically described in publication) from ANYWHERE?  Pawpawsaurus campbelli, e.g., simply does not qualify, being far too large to be a hatchling.
    And, quite un-seriously: The 'cryptonomen' for Cryolophosaurus should be: Aintnothin'butasaurus houndogi.  :^O
    THANKS,  Ray Stanford