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RE: Edmontosaurus at the Florida Symposium

        Does anyone have any information on the Edmontosaurus skull
exhibited so recently at the Florida feathered non-ornithischian symposium?
I have a photo, but the intrepid photographer didn't have any further
information. I am interested in any and every piece of information anyone
might have (ancedote, heresay, reference, names of people affiliated with
the specimen, specimen number, promises to send whole skull wrapped in
bananna peels, etc.). Someone must know something... it'd be hard to believe
that everyone would be so wrapped up in all the fuzzy little whatsits there
to ignore such a beautiful specimen from so perfect a clade. Pavemented
teeth, round doe-eyes and blunt hooves forever!

I believe it was found at Sandy Site, but I may be wrong. The lower jaw as
several teeth marks scraps from a large theropod. They are rehealed which
means the animal got away and lived from the attack.
It also has most of the skeleton.
It belongs to Mike Triebold and you can check his web site to find out more.