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Hi Ralph,

    Now that helps!  A tip of my hat for the tip, Ralph.  I had overlooked
that mention in the book, which I reviewed for Amazon.com.

    For listers who have not seen the book, you are missing a superb
assemblage of data, beautiful photos and illustrations.

    Ray Stanford

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The world maps on pp. 10-11 in Kenneth Carpenter's _Eggs, Nests, and Baby
Dinosaurs: A Look at Dinosaur Reproduction_ show only one possible record of
dinosaur eggs and babies east of the Mississippi River (#84 on the Late
Cretaceous map):

"Harell Station, Alabama; Mooreville Chalk, Campanian: Dinosaur (?) egg
(Dobie, 1978)."

No mention of non-avian dinosaur hatchlings east of the Mississippi on these
maps (and the maps chart the general locations of 237 dinosaur egg and baby
sites)!  Sorry.  On the plus side, Ray,  if you're compulsively seeking
information, Carpenter's book is packed with loads of other cool stuff!

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com