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Ralph W. Miller III wrote:

>>Dinosaurs: A Look at Dinosaur Reproduction_ show only one possible record of
dinosaur eggs and babies east of the Mississippi River (#84 on the Late
Cretaceous map):

"Harell Station, Alabama; Mooreville Chalk, Campanian: Dinosaur (?) egg
(Dobie, 1978)."<<

And that's a very odd specimen, indeed. I examined it briefly, back in the 
mid-eighties, while looking at mosasaurs in the University of Auburn 
collection (the egg is currently on loan to the Alabama State Museum in 
Tuscaloosa). It definitely *looks* like a dinosaur egg (and the Mooreville 
has produced hadrosaurs, nodosaurs, and theropods), and an uncrushed, 
well-preserved one, at that. But the egg was found in sediment deposited a 
fair distance from shore, in moderately deep water. It's a specimen that very 
much needs to be reexamined by an egg person. It'd post the catalogue number, 
but I don't have Dobie's original description handy.

Caitlin R. Kiernan