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The Geese of Goddard Space Flight Center

Again, what John Bois had said:

    "In my fifty years of existence, I have never seen geese-size birds
nesting in a visible suburban location..."

    But many others have done so, at diverse locations.  Also, one may
deduce that he didn't go to Goddard Space Flight Center in springtime, or
else you simply didn't notice (or your visit may have been too spacially
constrained).  But conclusions, IMHO, are better based on repeated
observations (in this case by persons present at Goddard regularly), than
upon what one person somehow misses during one or few visits.

    Frankly, I think Ronald Orenstein 'hit the nail on the head' when in
this morning's post he asked, "May I suggest that this is getting a trifle

    This thread has gone on longer that the lines of geese ('avian
dinosaurs') that proudly and slowly stroll across the roads of Goddard,
halting mammalian space-age commuters.

    Others may respond to the Boisian line of argument as they like.  This
is only my second (and final) comment on this thread, because I'm beginning
to wonder, "Is the list's raison d'etre being goosed?"  :^)

    Ray Stanford