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Jack Horner at the Carnegie

        Jack Horner will be visiting the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
this month in conjunction with the temporary exhibit: T.rex on Trial.  (The
exhibit will be here until September 3).  Jack will be giving a public
lecture on Thursday evening, June 22, at 7:00 pm titled T. Rex: Predator or
Scavenger?.  Tickets are $8 for non-members and $5 for members of the
Museum.  Tickets are available at (412)-622-3289.  
        The next evening, June 23, will be a member's event with Horner
circulating among the guests.  On Saturday, Family Day,  he will be talking
to the youngsters at 1:00 pm in a free lecture titled Tyrannosaurus rex.  
        The exhibit is very popular with the Kokoro robots the main
attraction.  Many comments from visitors run along the lines of "Why can't
you have a permanent robotic exhibit?"  Visitors are supposed to vote after
leaving the exhibit with the choices of hung jury, guilty (predator) or
innocent (scavenger).  Since they are "voting" by placing money in a large
plastic bank, I think they are just throwing money into the slot with the
least money in it as though it were a race to fill them up.  The three
choices always seem to have the same number of "votes".  

Christine Mills
Head Docent/Training Coordinator
Division of Education
Carnegie Museum of Natural History