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RE: Harmonious depredations

I give up. 

John appears to accept only those arguments which concur with his viewpoint,
and dismisses as "aberrations" and "misleading" first hand observations to
the contrary. I am pretty sure geese have not read whatever leash laws are
in force (and in any case, the presumption then is that domestic dogs would
normally be the major predator on eggs(!), completely ignoring all the wild
and still successful predators fully able to attack nests, fledglings and
adults). Nor have they read whatever highway code laws are in force, as they
don't get predated by cars much either.

The fact is the geese, nesting for whatever reason in these open areas, *do*
raise broods to adulthood. All we have done is remove larger predators such
as wolves and lions (not being argued for as egg eaters anyway), and
provided ideal habitat in the way of lots of lawns and artificial lakes
(runnoff ponds). Period.

I have nothing more to add to this nonsensical discussion.

cheers, martin