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Re: Harmonious depredations

I am simply stating as a fact that the medium of grass was unavailable to
dinosaurs.  I am sure crypticity was employed.  But, without grass, it
could not have been as effective.

Without grass??? - what aboutother plants/folaige that lived in the Cretaceous- how do you know grass is more effective "cover"???? Have you done tests? Have you done experiments? Do you have data from publications? Or is this "anecdotal?" - which to you seems to be a crime and means we should ignore it.

Supporting evidence for this position
is that ONLY ONE large (ratite-size) bird nests in an area where grass is
not a significant part of its range.

this is NOT supporting evidence at all. If you mean the emu. This is only a factor of geography - the emu is the only ratite to live on a dry continentt (Australia). What nonsense.
Are you 100% sure moas and elephantbirds used grass for cover to protect the nests??

What about "grass" surounding a nest and making it easier for little hungry mammals to "sneek up" abd steal eggs??

However, I
> spent two years doing field work in Australia and can certainly testify
> that emus are often found in areas where there is little or no tall
> grass.


Anecdotal!!!!??? It is personal OBSERVATION with his own eyes that you are wrong!!!
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