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Re: The Geese of Goddard Space Flight Center

Today I tried to contact the Environment Officer at Goddard.  She was not
in.  I'll try again tomorrow.

However, I did contact the biologist at The Patuxent Wildlife Center,
Dr. Holiday Obrecht.  His Canada geese are very wary.  They nest only near
water or on islands.  They have plenty of predators.  I asked him about
Goddard.  He felt that the cocky attitude of the geese there was probably
due to lack of predators.  At Goddard, although some deer do get in and
out of the main gates, predator access was likely pretty limited due to
big fence encircling it.

The question may seem ridiculous to some.  To me, the question of how
geese assess potential sites, what parameters/cues are used, is a
fascinating one.  It is complex.  It is being investigated in a
variety of species.