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Re: Harmonious depredations

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> I had better say that I am getting, frankly, tired of saying the same 
> things over and over, and do not intend to prolong this (nor do I sense 
> much patience for it on the list).


> I will therefore (if I can practice self-restraint) confine future 
> replies largely to pointing out incorrect factual claims (as I did in some 
> extended recent posts you have not answered - on giant tortoise 
> distribution, for example).

And what gets lost in all of this, is the great respect I have for your
breadth of knowledge.  Your response re the tortoises was very telling on
me.  I have responded to many of your other points (though much of it
is rehash).  I will send them soon, list willing.