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Re: bauplan convergence and stratigraphic data (was:100% goose-free responses)

     I've been following your idea for a while now, and I'm finding it more
intriging than my dino-chauvinist outlook would expect.  I do have a problem
with two of your claims though:

1)>Why, if the dinosaur body form is so successful, doesn't it
>reestablish itself as the dominant form in the large-animal niche?  My
>answer to that is that it should.  I would say T. rex would kick >Serengeti
>butt if brought back to life.  So, why hasn't it, or, >rather, something
>like it, been brought back to life?  I think you >must be able to at least
>suggest an hypothesis for that lack of >phenomenon--or, scrap the notion of

Excuse me for putting in my comments in this discussion, but I do not see 
evolution working
that way. Even if the dinosaur bodyplan was so successful (and it was) there 
should be no 
reason for 'it' to be brought back to life by evolution. Only if all 
ingredients for such an 
occurence would be present that COULD happen, but there is no definite reason 
why it 
SHOULD. It is a force with no predestined direction towards a kind of bodyplan. 
It just 
happens to be able to create a successful bodyplan, and if that becomes 
extinct, well, that
is too bad. But it will not force all things together to start building that 
bodyplan up again.
It MIGHT happen, it does not HAVE TO.
Or am I mistaken in my idea about evolution?
Just my thoughts about that statement 1.


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