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Re: Sharovipteryx II

We know that pterosaurs had a dermal covering something like fur (right?)...I
know there is no way to tell unless we find some sort of pterosaur Liaoning

I'm a bit confused by these statements. Yes, we know that _some_ pterosaurs had some sort of fur-like integumentary structure; this is evidenced by some specimens from both the Solnhofen Limestone of Germany and the Karabastau Formation of Kazakhstan. Thus, we don't _need_ Liaoning pterosaur fossils to tell us this (although additional evidence is always nice...) But we already _do_ have Liaoning pterosaurs: at least 2 pterodactyloid specimens. One is _Eosipterus_; the other hasn't been formally described except as part of the amalgamated "Dendrorhynchoides," the supposed rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur that had a dromaeosaurid tail grafted on to it to make it appear "rhamphorhynchoid." Whether the pterodactyloid body on this specimen is identical to or different than _Eosipterus_ remains to be seen. I don't recall either specimen being reported as having integument preserved, however....


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