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On-line audio interviews with dino-paleontologists (Real Audio): Now searchable.

Just a note to alert all dino-junkies that National Public Radio's "Talk
of the Nation: Science-Friday" has finally improved their on-line audio
archive.  The audio files are now SEARCHABLE via date, subject, etc.
They have a "dinosaur" file that has 6 of the last 7 dinosaur-related
NPR broadcasts in Real Audio Format).   Each show lasts anywhere from
1/2 hour to a full hour.
Find them all at:

Past interviewees have been: Phil Currie, Mike Novacek, John Flynn, Don
Lessem, Dale Russell, Paul Sereno, Luis Chiappe, Larry Martin(!), Pat
Shipman, Larry Witmer, amber-guru Rob DeSalle, and Mark Norell.

(What?  No "Tim" Holtz?)