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Re: Harmonious depredations

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Stanley Friesen wrote:

> For that matter, I doubt he has actually *looked* at bracken meadows.  The 
> cover there is at least as good as in grasslands.

Where is there one?  Are they in competition with grass?  Are they like
most fern and need water to fertilize?  Why aren't there more of
them?  Were they more dominant before grass?

> >Are you 100% sure moas and elephantbirds used grass for cover to protect 
> >the nests??
> Based on what I have seen of moa "fossil" sites (on TV), they appear to 
> have been *forest* birds to me.

They lived in a variety of habitats; wherever they wanted to,
basically.  And since their only known predator was aerial, a forest would
have been a pretty good place to get cover.