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Re: Sharovipteryx II

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From: dbensen <dbensen@gotnet.net>
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Date: Thursday, June 08, 2000 5:26 PM
Subject: Sharovipteryx II

>Yes, this is another message about Sharovipteryx, but it has nothing to do
>with the arboeality (or lack thereof) of the animal.  Shortly, it has to do
>with fur.
>We know that pterosaurs had a dermal covering something like fur (right?),
>but what about Sharovipteryx?  Dave Peters places it as very close to the
>pterosaur line (I agree with him, the skull, if nothing else, is very
>pterosaurian), so might Sharovipteryx logically had the fur of pterosaurs?
>know there is no way to tell unless we find some sort of pterosaur
>but I would be interested to know how far back you all think the fur goes.

I would think that if you could make some type of arguement about it`s
degree of endothermy, it`s size,... and could find some evidence of the
climate in which it existed, you could make a pretty good prediction of
whether or not it may have had integumentary fibers. It`s possible link to
pterosaurs and active flight, do suggest an endothermic metabolism (IMHO).