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Re: CHRIS' BOOK etc.

>Let me just say that Chris' book, _Why Elephants Have Big Ears_, is 
>now out. Looks excellent (but I noted one possible small problem 
>when skim reading - Australian ziphodont crocs are referred to as 
>pristichampsines - - the Aussie ziphodonts are in fact mekosuchins, a 
>different radiation of crocodylids). 

If that's the only dodgy bit you've found then I've got away with murder!
My personal tally is up to about fifteen....aaargh

Anyway, Darren's comment suggests that the source I used to write this bit
is taxonomically out of date. If teachers of things crocodilian want to
know the reference in order to guide their students around the same
pitfall, I'll happily send details.

Best wishes to all