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Many short paleo news items in Science

Greetings, everybody.

The latest issue of Science contains several short news items about dinosaur

PALEONTOLOGY: New Feathered Dino Firms Up Bird Links by Dennis Normile
Report from the SAPE conference in Beijing; concentrates on a new specimen
of _Caudipteryx_ (which Zhou plans on naming a new species).

PALEONTOLOGY: Learning to Dissect Dinosaurs--Digitally by Erik Stokstad
"Technology borrowed from medicine and industry helps paleontologists peer
into specimens with x-ray eyes"
Brochu, Witmer, Rowe, Clark and others quoted, discussing the history of the
use of CT scans for uncovering internal details of fossils.

PALEONTOLOGY: Fossils Made to Order, Any Size by Erik Stokstad
Discussion of the use of rapid prototyping to produce scale models of any
scanned dino bone, featuring Ralph Chapman, Kent Stevens, Jeff Wilson, and

PALEONTOLOGY: CT Sleuthing Uncovers Fossil Misfits by Erik Stokstad
How Tim Rowe's lab has caught a number of faked fossils (including
_Archaeoraptor_) over the last few years.

Unfortunately, I'm only getting the online version of Science, so I don't
know which if any of these come with photos.

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