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Re: Terrestriality is a bias

>And at the level of non-avian theropod, just take the new Czerkas' tiny
wonder (its not even a dromaeosaur, the pelvic characters are much more
primitive), with digit No.3 longer that the first two put together, modified
like an Aye-Aye specialized finger and with added prehensile feet (fully
opposable long hallux). The first no-doubts, non-avian arboreal theropod.<

All the references I've checked indicate that the Aye Aye's elongated digit
is an adaptation for feeding (reaching into holes in trees to extract
larvae) not for arborealty. It is unique among all arboreal lemurs in having
that modification.  If that's the case, how does your analogy support
arborealty in this new little dinosaur?