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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television
programming concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric
animals, and the scientific discussion of evolution,
from high art to low trash and (theoretically) back
again, all times Eastern (check local listings to

Check local listings for a PBS program called
"Dinosaurs: Creatures of Time."  In the New York City
area, for instance, it'll be broadcast over WNJN-TV on
Wednesday at 10:00pm.  A survey of new ideas about

Friday, June 16

The Learning Channel (TLC), 11:30am
Elementary School
"Investigating Dinosaurs"
Educational programming.  Apparently focuses on
dinosaur paleontology.

American Movie Classics, 8:00pm
The Birds
Before Spielberg, there was Hitchcock.  Avian
dinosaurs on a rampage.  Still pretty scary.  "Get
away from our eggs, you mammals!"

Saturday, June 17

Discovery Channel, 2:00pm
Loch Ness Discovered
If there are plesiosaurs around today, of course they
are in a long skinny lake in Scotland.

Discovery Channel, 4:00pm
"Dinosaur Attack"
Do fossil footprints tell the tale of a theropod
attack upon a sauropod?

Sunday, June 18

Discovery Channel, 9:30am
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
Kid's show about paleontology.  This episode --
"Flying Fossils?"  Are birds REALLY dinosaurs?  I mean
come ON, do us a favor ....

Discovery Channel, 11:00am
The Ultimate Guide
"T. rex"
Really not-bad documentary about the most interesting
of the super-theropods.

As of this writing, I am girding up to go see lemur
boy's movie ....


"I've been ionized, but I'm OK now."


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