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RE: Terrestriality is a bias

Found the paper that I was looking for, it was 1997 so older than I thought.

Van Damme, Raoul, Peter Aerts and Bieke Vanhooydonck, 1997. No trade-off
between sprinting and climbing in two populations of the Lizard Podarcis
hspanica (Reptilia: Lacertidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,
Volume e60: 493-503.

We can use the conclusions in this article for the beginning of arboreality
in the first small theropods (as per BCF).

Also this article may have some use in the argument also.

Macrini, Thomas E., and Ducan J. Irschick, 1998. An interaspecific analysis
of trade-offs in sprinting performance in a West Indian lizard species
(Anolis lineatopus). Biologicial Journal of the Linnean Society, volume 63:

Also, these articles could be used in early tetrapods. Whether they were
quadrapedal, curosial, arboreal, able to run fast or on just the hind legs.
They can bring the Paleontological life more meaning.