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RE: Specimen lists. . .

Hi all,

A quick question regarding specimen lists:

Are there any good databases out there that have comprehensive specimen
lists for specific taxa, with information such as locality, etc.?

I'm working on studying clade richness here at the Smithsonian, and I'm
looking for a few willing test clades. . .

Thanks in advance,

I've been working on a few lists for the last 20 years or so. I've
accumulated literally thousands of pagers and an equal amount of articles,
which I've just about don't have room for any more. Later this year,
hopefully in fall, just a taxa list will be published (more when it gets
ready to be published). I want to sell my other lists (my theropod list is
about 1200 pages, no illustrations, and my Sauropterygian list is about 800
pages long). I'm working on that. Needless to say, this and all my trips
have put me in a Huge debt.
Ah, the life of a paleo nut (it's some sort of a disease I think :>).