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Emu distribution

This is a response to Ron Orenstein's request for info on this subject.
>From Grice, D, G. Caughley and J. Short. 1885 _Density and Distribution of
Emus. Australian Wildlife Research 12:69-73

"Emus are most abundant in areas used for extensive sheep grazing...This
pattern of emu density appears to be linked to cliamtic factors determing
the availablity of food during breeding, to the availability of naturally
occurring and artificially stored surface water, and to the prevalence of
dingos...Our data suggest...emus reach highest densities in the pastoral
zone and where large areas of cover allow successful breeding."

>From Pope, A. SC Cairns, and GC Grigg. 1991 _Distribution and Abundance of
Emus..._ EMU 91:222-229

"Areas of high Emu density were generally dominated by more intensive
sheeo grazing, by fans and/or hills, by red duplex soils, and by low shrub
lands of predominantly bluebrush."

And I've got another paper somewhere which notes an "abrupt" change in
density from one side of a Dingo-proof fence to the other (higher density
where there are no Dingoes!).