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<< Caudipteridae. >>

Should be Caudipterygidae. Need to check spelling...

Having not seen the paper, I can't use what extremely limited abilities I have to read Chinese, but since there's only one syllable missing, I have a suspicion that the fault is on the behalf of the publisher translating the Chinese into English and leaving out the syllable, which is probably represented by a corresponding single ideogram in the Chinese portion of the paper (I am assuming here that the paper is a typical one for _Vert. PalAs._ in that it is primarily in Chinese with a shortened English summary.) This kind of thing seems to happen occasionally in the Chinese literature and may not represent the authors' true intentions (that is, they probably intended to raise the family Caudipterygidae and not Caudipteridae). However, this is _only_ a guess at this point...


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