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Re: Terrestriality is a bias

Luis Rey wrote:
> And at the level of non-avian theropod, just take the new Czerkas' tiny
> wonder (its not even a dromaeosaur, the pelvic characters are much more
> primitive), with digit No.3 longer that the first two put together,
> modified like an Aye-Aye specialized finger and with added prehensile feet
> (fully  opposable long hallux). The first no-doubts, non-avian arboreal
> theropod.

Is it known whether it was a juvenile or an adult? Many juvenile animals
of various species climb well when young, but eventually grow out of the
habit. Also, Sinosauropteryx has extremely long manual digits (as long
as the ulna in some cases). Could such digits be grooming devices? It
would seem to me that serrated teeth would be a bad choice as grooming
tools (perhaps why bird teeth became unserrated?)

Not trying to discredit the idea of an arboreal (as opposed to
scansorial) theropod - personally I'm all for it. Just trying to raise
different, perhaps equally viable, view points.

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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