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     Is anybody aware of studies of non-ornithodiran (crurotarsian "crocky" 
     thingies, whether aquatic or terrestrial) archosaurs (aetosaurs, 
     rauisuchians, phytosaurs, etc.) in which, for a particular species, 
     there was a large enough sample of specimens, with a suffiently large 
     size range, that it was possible for the authors to consider 
     ontogenetic changes (if any) in overall body proportions (arm length, 
     hand length, leg length, and foot length relative to overall body 
     size)?  I have a very nice data set of this kind for American 
     alligators, and I may be able to get some comparable data for Ozzian 
     salties and freshies, but I'd like to know if there are any studies 
     investigating this kind of thing in the kinds of taxa thought 
     responsible for cheirothere-style footprints.
     Jim Farlow