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Re: Bambiraptor

you might try checking at Bambiraptor's home page:

dbensen wrote:
> I have some specific questions about Bambiraptor (no, they don't have
> anything to do with its name).
> First, I haven't seen any skeletal reconstructions of Bambiraptor except
> for the photographs on The Court of Bambiraptor website.  Does anyone know
> of any Greg Paul-esque reconstructions?
> The photos I've seen are pretty blurry, but am I right when I say that the
> arms and fingers of the juvernile are shorter then the adult's?  The
> adult's fingers seem to be much longer and less robust then the baby's, but
> that could just be the angle of the camra shot.
> About how old (very young chick or older chick or juvenile) was the young
> specimen of Bambiraptor when it died?
> Thanks
> Dan

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