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Re: Terrestriality is a bias

If it's using this odd finger morphology to feed >exclusively< in trees
couldn't that be a legitimate sign of arborality (living in trees)? 

Or are we really meaning 'brachiality' (climbing ability) when throwing
this 'arborality' term around?


Patrick Norton wrote:
> >And at the level of non-avian theropod, just take the new Czerkas' tiny
> wonder (its not even a dromaeosaur, the pelvic characters are much more
> primitive), with digit No.3 longer that the first two put together, modified
> like an Aye-Aye specialized finger and with added prehensile feet (fully
> opposable long hallux). The first no-doubts, non-avian arboreal theropod.<
> All the references I've checked indicate that the Aye Aye's elongated digit
> is an adaptation for feeding (reaching into holes in trees to extract
> larvae) not for arborealty. It is unique among all arboreal lemurs in having
> that modification.  If that's the case, how does your analogy support
> arborealty in this new little dinosaur?

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