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RE: John Agnew Mural

IIRC, John Agnew had never before done a dinosaur (or other paleo-life) mural before, and his was his first and seemingly last.  He was a teenager (I think), but had done other artwork before. I believe he is/was a Philadelphia area native.  Really neat painting.
    Allan Edels
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Hello All,
The cover art for _The Dinosauria_ features an image from a mural painted by John Agnew for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  Whatever the status of the relevant science, the execution of the painting is exquisite.  Still, I've been able to find out nothing about the artist or the mural except for the little bit of information on the book's cover, which isn't much more than I've provided here.  Does anyone know anything more? 
Many thanks,
Carl Ramm