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T. rex name is safe

Even if they are synonyms, it's no big deal. Back in the late 1970's, E. Raymond Hall (my boss) substituted a long-forgotten name for the whale genus Mesoplodon.
I went to the International Commission, and they unanimously voted to put Mesoplodon on the official list, and they put the two old names which Hall had found on the rejected list. Unfortunately, Hall refused to follow the rules (maintain current usage when a ruling is pending), so the 2nd Edition of "Mammals of North America" uses the rejected name rather than Mesoplodon.
But then again, he recognized dozens of separate species of grizzly bears, even though I pleaded with him to at least downgrade them to subspecies level. If you don't believe me, just look it up. I can't remember how many full species of grizzly bears he listed, but it was a whole bunch. And this was the early 1980's, when everyone else recognized a single Holarctic species. There were other uncorrected errors, but this and Mesoplodon were the two biggies. Errors like this certainly did not appear in Honacki, Kinman, & Koeppl (Mammals Species of the World).
---------Ken Kinman

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