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Re: Discovery could Endanger T.Rex Name

The time limit is still 50 years, as far as I know. So I think this old name can be rejected even without going to the ICZN.
However, if some prominent scientist insists that the older name be used, we can always go to the ICZN, just as I did with Mesoplodon.
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Subject: Re: Discovery could Endanger T.Rex Name
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 08:43:14 MDT

> If that's the case, Larson said, rules of paleontology
> say the first name would take precedence.

heres some gumph from the ICZN (someone will correct me if wrong !);

i guess that there is a clause that says that if a name has been in
common usage (and there is time limit for this, I forget) but that
subsequently turns out to be preoccupied (like T rex in this case), then
the younger (more used) one can be made a nomen protectum ?.

the older name gets designated a nomen oblitum ?

Unless I'm mistaken, the limit on nomina oblita is 150 years...? (My copy of the ICZN is already packed...) So _Manospondylus_ doesn't fall under the purview of being past the limit and thus cannot be used.

  However, it would be a relatively simple matter for someone to do what
Ned Colbert did for _Coelophysis_, and appeal to the ICZN to make an
exception in the case of _Tyrannosaurus rex_ and supercede its own rules to
preserve the latter in favor of _Manospondylus_.  Regardless of whether or
not there are any paleontologists on the ICZN board, I think all of them
will know the name _Tyrannosaurus rex_, understand its widespread usage,
probably will never have heard of _Manospondylus_, and know what kind of
havok trying to change that will wreak!  (Too bad no one did that for the
_Apatosaurus_/_Brontosaurus_ thing...although I myself prefer the former, I
am constantly answering questions about the name change from both children
and adults!)

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