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RE: John Agnew Mural

Thanks, Thor.

Obviously I was wrong about Agnew being a teenager when he did the work for
the Academy of Natural Sciences (since he was about 31 years old!!! -   I
must be getting dyslexic [What lysdexia?]:0 ).  [He's my age!] According to
the website Thor mentions, Mr. Agnew _did_ paint his first diorama mural for
a museum when he was 17.

It seems I was correct about the murals for the ANSP being his first
non-avian dinosaur art.  He does not seem to have done any more non-avian
dino art, although he seems to have a heavy duty track record with lizards
(especially Komodo dragons and iguanas).

Not pictured on his website, but definitely pictured at ANSP, is another
mural of a _Maiasaura_ feeding its offspring, which is placed over a model
of _Maiasuara_ nest with eggs and babies.  You really feel like you're

        Allan Edels

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Carl Ramm wrote:

>The cover art for _The Dinosauria_ features
>an image from a mural painted by John
>Agnew for the Academy of Natural Sciences
>in Philadelphia.  Whatever the status of the
>relevant science, the execution of the painting
>is exquisite.  Still, I've been able to find out
>nothing about the artist or the mural except
>for the little bit of information on the book's
>cover, which isn't much more than I've
>provided here.  Does anyone know anything
Actually he has a website. There are reproductions of a lot of his work,
the mural in question included, as well as a biography of the artist.

The URL is:


Hope that helped.

Thor C. Gran III