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Re: [Re: Jurassic Park 3 Official Logo]

"Leonidus A.K. Giganotosaurus" <alex@voyager.net> wrote:
> Oh, really? Any news/pics of what the lineup with consist of?
> Also, to me, it looks most like a spinosaur. And, it makes sense. What
> better to replace a T-rex than something 50 feet long? (even if that
> length isn't matched by mass) They might reuse the 'swimming-trex' scene
> from TLW book, replacing it with a spinosaur. That fin cutting water
> could be the 'Jaws-sharkfin' of the decade! (And, hopefully, this might
> be them trying to make up for the horrible spinosaurus in the recent
> Warpath, that was essentially a finned, toeclawless raptor, all same
> moves.)

While I too would like to see a CGI _Spinosaurus_, the creature in the logo
looks like some strange hybrid of _Suchomimus_ and _Baryonyx_. Check out the
huge claw on the hand.

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