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Re: John Agnew Mural

    Hi, all!
    Just checked out this site, and it seems that Mr. Agnew is working on a
new dino-mural. It features lots of different theropods and mesozooic birds,
although all the theropods more basal than Archie are without fuzz of any

> Carl Ramm wrote:
> >The cover art for _The Dinosauria_ features
> >an image from a mural painted by John
> >Agnew for the Academy of Natural Sciences
> >in Philadelphia. Whatever the status of the
> >relevant science, the execution of the painting
> >is exquisite. Still, I've been able to find out
> >nothing about the artist or the mural except
> >for the little bit of information on the book's
> >cover, which isn't much more than I've
> >provided here. Does anyone know anything
> >more?
> Actually he has a website. There are reproductions of a lot of his work,
> the mural in question included, as well as a biography of the artist.
> The URL is:
> http://www.angelfire.com/id/wildscenes/
> Hope that helped.
> Thor C. Gran III

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