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Re: Paleontological magazines?

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000 15:14:18  
 Lipkin,Anne C.(NXI) wrote:
>Is there a publication of paleontological interest, such as a magazine,
>available to the public? I know that scientific journals are available to
>everyone but I was looking for something that has scientific information
>that could also be  understood by a lay person. I was looking for something
>that was comparable to Archaeology magazine.

Well, yes and no.  There is nothing really comparable to Archaeology, but there 
are three good ones out there.  

Fossil News <http://www.fossilnews.com> is a monthly journal of avocational 
paleontology that focuses on everything from trilobites to dinosaurs to 
mammals.  It also includes book reviews, a kids' corner, a series on state 
fossils, and a feature fossil section.

The Prehistoric Times <http://members.aol.com/Pretimes> is one that a couple 
list members write for.  This mag is bi-monthly and contains a lot of dinosaur 
art.  It also has many interviews with artists and paleontologists, a dinosaur 
and prehistoric animal of the month, modeling tips, book and modeling reviews, 
and tons of photographs.

Dinosaur World <http://members.aol.com/Hellcreek> is a tri-yearly magazine that 
contains the most scientific information of the three.  Each issue is about 
60-80 pages long, and contains at least ten interviews with paleontologists and 
artists.  Dinosaur and paleo sites from around the world are highlighted and 
reviewed.  There are also many book reviews, and a paleo news section.

I get all three, and like each one.  Fossil News is good for general paleo 
articles for the educated lay reader.  Pre Times is good for those who like 
looking at dinosaur art.  Dinosaur World is so thick it is like a book, and is 
good for those who love to read about the latest in dinosaur news and hear from 


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