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RE: John Agnew mural

I was quite interested in reading here about the John Agnew website as I
also had only seen his first dinosaur mural.  In the recently released book
"Dinosaur Imagery" about the John Lanzendorf paleo art collection, the
editor at Academic Press credited me with doing the cover art to the
"Dinosauria" which of course is John Agnew's painting.  The editor assumed I
had created the image because it is somewhat similar in style to what I do,
and although I was flattered ( I quite like the mural image ) I advised him
that I wasn't the artist responsible.  He has since printed errata to insert
in all the rest of the first print run that has not yet been distributed to
bookstores.  Anyway, as with the rest of you, I was pleasantly surprised to
find that John Agnew has such a variety of well executed work in his
portfolio and it will be interesting to see if he continues to produce more
dinosaur images in the future.

Mike Skrepnick