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a rose by any other name

MY issue with the names and renaming is from a classroom standpoint.
The general public rarely has vistas into the scientific world except through the popular trade books that are created by various publishers.  (and those movies and TV programmes  (shudder)  )
Beyond that most classrooms do not have the funding to update their libraries along with each scientific discovery or change in nomenclature.  
In our educational material from AMNH we try to be as "current" as possible, but if the teachers refuse to check the changes, a new generation of students is misinformed.  Although many students are beginning to "correct" their teachers, which has been leading to less paleontology in the classrooms so that the teachers can "save face".
Although even people who do research the facts choose to ignore them (ie Velociraptor size in JP)......
just a comment.....
: ) Jenny
Jenny Lando (nee Herdman)
Assistant Coordinator
Moveable Museum/Paleontology of Dinosaurs
Education Department
American Museum of Natural History
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