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Re: Discovery could Endanger T.Rex Name

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000 KiernanCR@aol.com wrote:

> "Brontosaurus" is a dead name. It's been *officially* recognized as a junior 
> synonym since 1903, which means that _Apatosaurus_ has been in use *far* 
> longer than "Brontosaurus" was.

Actually, since it's a subjective synonym, it's not really "dead".
_Brontosaurus_ and _Apatosaurus_ have different type species (_B.
excelsus_ and _A. ajax_) and if these were to turn out to belong to
different genera, _Brontosaurus_ would be perfectly valid. Bakker believes
this is the case, but I don't know that anyone else does. The sinking of
_B. excelsus_ into _Apatosaurus_ (as _A. excelsus_) has been widely
recognized for nearly 100 years.

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